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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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bad news for commuters in one busy area of san francisco. crews have just made a bigger hole at a water main break next to the mosconi center. >> thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. >> this is last thing you need. a 12-inch main broke early this morning. a serious headache for drivers all throughout the weekend and it's completely shut down as the evening commute approaches. >> abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is there live with an update on the progress. lyanne? >> well, the city was hoping to this have area accessible by late afternoon, and i'm going to tell you ain't gonna half. now, let me show you the puc told me just a short time ago
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that all that water caused a lot of emotion. the earth shifted meaning the soil, of course, and they had to cut a larger than expected hole as you see there to replace all that washed away. at 3:00 this morning emergency crews found water bubbling from two spots in the pavement. water had already made its way to nearby garages. the loading dock at the marriott hotel also flooded. >> very little, if any, damage to any of the properties. there was some flooding spillage into a couple of other garages in the area. >> reporter: the new mosconi underground station is part of the new project and it, too, got flooded and construction there is still going on. while there was a reduction in water pressure, service to people who live and work there was never interrupted. the water from the 12-inch pipe was re-routed. a huge hole in the old pipe was discovered. crews worked quickly to replace that section of the right above it is a much larger 30-inch
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distribution line. >> this is a cast-iron pipe. first installed around 1895. >> pg&e crews were also there to pump water out of three underground vaults. already the expansion project. moss connie center is affecting traffic. today's event made things a lot worse for drivers. several city blocks were affected. >> go down and take the embarcadero and go down that way. >> this wan was in town from iowa and stuck in gridlock traffic. >> i thought it was a big city. what happened here? >> reporter: san francisco has 1,000-mile water pipe system. the city has a program to replace it 15 miles every year. >> now the street you're looking at is fourth street. that has reopened and the only thing drivers could do is make a right-hand turn from ford on to howard and that's helping a little bit. you can't go straight though. you can only make a right-hand turn. the way i see it these repairs take a little bit longer. i would completely avoid the
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area if i were you. i'll have an update at 5:00. i'm live in san francisco. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, lyanne. boy. the rain has been coming down at the work site and all over the bay area throughout the day here and in. >> yeah, take a live look right now at the mt. tam cam. it's misty there, but we don't have any raindrops on the lens. that is going to change. spencer christian here now with live doppler 7 >> add word yet. not on the word yet. our weather conditions are dry and calm, but here comes our next storm and before we get to the that let me show you the rainfall totals from the last 48 hours. can you see how wet it's been, inch and a quarter, mt. st. helena and over an inch and a third. nearly over an inch and a half and meanwhile down in the south bay san jose had only .06 of an inch and that will change and here comes our next storm that centered up in our northwest -- well to the northwest and forecast animation shows by 8:00
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tonight we'll see some light scattered showers around the bay area. they will become a bit more widely scattered and more prominent by midnight and look what happens between 2:00 a.m. morning downpours develop up in the north bay and this approaching storm ranks two in the storm impact scale and i'll give you a closer look at the elements of impact in just a few minutes. larry and ama. >> we'll see you then. new information now about the oakland warehouse fire and investigators say they have ruled out a refrigerator as the cause of the fire. there's a lot of speculation about that earlier in the week. city officially identified five more victims today. we now know the names of all 36 people who died in that fire. and we'll have more about the victims in just a moment, but, first, let's go to abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley who received an update from investigators and joins us live from the ghost ship warehouse. leslie. >> i can tell you ama and larry that atf says they are now looking at things like power outlets and power cords in the area where the fire started as possible triggers. as you said, they have
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absolutely conclusively ruled out the refrigerator as the cause of the blaze. now if you look behind me we're in a spot where you actually get a very close look for the first time of this warehouse. if you take a look on the side of the building as it faces 31st avenue, can you see ghost ship up there. blackened on the tied of the building, and as you peer inside you see what's left of a stair caisse and a massive wood carving of what looks like a mast head or something from a boat or a ship. atf investigators today brought in forensic mapping cameras to document fire scene and measure distances between objects and items inside. now this is not 3-d imaging. the cameras are being placed around the warehouse. by sunday or monday they expect to have a detailed diagram that will be turned over to oakland fire and help pinpoint a cause of the fire and how it spread. >> the electrical engineers have conclusively ruled out the refrigerator as a source of
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ignition? the refrigerator was in the area of origin but is not the cause of the fire. >> reporter: their loved ones died and an atf chaplain on hand and many brought photos and flowers here to the scene and some of them are draped on the police barricade behind me hon 31st avenue. strangers have come by to also contemplate the enormity of this disaster and as we wrap things up here in the atf we won't hear from them again until monday but, again, what they have told us is that the refrigerator is not the cause of the blaze, and they are looking into power cords and possibly power outlets in the warehouse behind me. reporting live in observing land, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> thank you. as we mentioned, we're learning more about the ghost
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ship fire victims whose named were released news club victim who was living at the ghost ship. >> abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has details. >> peter wadsworth former roommate describes him as having a quirky intelligence and always looking out for others. when she traveled to boston peter made sure she had emergency numbers and knew all the good restaurants. wadsworth, a local consultant, had previously studied in boston at harvard university. at the time of the fire, wadsworth was living at the ghost ship. he wasn't the only one who had moved to oakland. joey matlock, better known as joey cassio, had recently relocated. joey cassio was a well-known deejay who initially made his mark in olimpia, washington where he released music on the record label k. >> joey is a visionary in terms of music. he really knew where he was going, and he experimented with that and he pushed the boundaries. >> calvin johnson of k records says after stage joey was gentle
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and tender. on stage he says he was a talented music-maker and performer. >> that's one of the first things i notice about his show is that right away he had people going. >> reporter: joey cassio was one of the performers at ghost ship the night of the fire. johnson says olimpia is now in mourning. >> certainly he's still fresh in all our minds. >> reporter: school of sin make the saturday mourning jonathan personbalm who was a vijay who traveled the world. friends are also grieving couple wolfgang earn and michelle sylvain who attended the party together. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> the father of a musician lost in that fire visited the scene today. ed mont lepine was the 34 years old and grew up in ogden, utah. he was a guitarist who moved to the east bay. >> his father arrived from utah today and said he wanted to see the site so he could know where his son died. robert lepine says it was music and the art community that brought his son to oakland and
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edmond was most happy or even playing or just listening to music. he added his son was a poet as well. >> he wrote a lot of poetry. in fact, i have a book of some of his poems that he wrote, that i didn't even know existed and friends of his gave me all those -- the book. >> bob lepine watched as photographers photographed the scene. he said it's too early to know whatty will to the tragedy or to assess blame. >> a weekly friday night event is dedicated to those lost in the museum fire. there will be a moment of silence at 7:00 and will designate a space to create a memorial wall for the victims and collect donations to benefit them as well as their families. >> you can show your support for the victims of the tragedy by sharing this badge on facebook. find our page on 7 nuts. a san jose community is
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shocked after a teacher has been accused of luring a student into a sexual relationship. >> police arrested the woman who taught at st. theresa high school. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the details. >> the high school is the home. saints, but one of its saints, 32-year-old truldy hill, was arrested for allegedly doing something criminal. east side union high school district school officials say she was arrested and booked on charges of felony sexual assault on a minor. police say the investigation used hill used her position of authority to exploit 17-year-old male student into a sexual relationship between august and november of this year. >> the student is currently a senior at santa teresa, and, yes, they had that relationship at school based on teacher-studenter. >> reporter: hill posted bail and was released. the english teacher tout for the first couple of weeks in the semester and has been on medical leave ever since. she was a teacher in the district since 2012 and at santa teresa since 2014 and also the
4:11 pm
school's diving cold. hill is the fourth district pemployee this year to be accusd of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> i'm terrified by it. i'm disappointed by it because in public education we have a lot of trust that's established just because we're the system of education, and when an adult violates that trust because they are in a position of power and authority, it puts a black eye on the entire organization. >> district officials say they are making counselors available to students and staff here on campus. in san jose, matt keller, aches 7 news. >> still ahead on "abc 7 news at 4:00," students walk out for rights as lawmakers walk across the aisle to help the cause. >> and an abc reporter takes out to the road to see how much harassment female joggers face each day. >> and paris taking draftic steps to keep people away from some popular tourist areas. >> 7 on your side's michael
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finney taking your questions on facebook and will answer the questions in a few minutes. >> our traffic cameras show traffic moving in both directions although a little
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east bay high school students walked out of class today trying to prevent young people from deported once president-elect donald trump takes office. now there was also congressional action on that front today. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here now with more. kristen? >> larry, president-elect trump promised during his campaign he would repeal president obama's executive order to protect young
4:15 pm
undocumented immigrants brought here illegally as children. today students and parents marched in oakland to sound off against the trump plan. >> obama. >> we wanted to get our voice out so that people could actually know what we're doing in that we want to stop him from reporting, and it's not him but donald trump. >> a small but vocal group walked from oakland technical high school to the federal building. they want president obama to marred three quarters of a million immigrants so mr. trump would not deport them. today a bipartisan bill was introduced in the senate to extend legal protections to the young immigrants for three more years if they are in fact revoked. senator dine feinstein is one of the bill's co-sponsors. there's a big national day of action and the local march in
4:16 pm
oakland will begin at 12:00 noon at the fruitvale part station and will end at 1130. >> sherri papini and is now recovering at home. becky worley and her producer went for runs in new jersey, new york, austin, texas and on many runs they heard guys whistling or making obscene comments. world who lives in oakland said her experiment there was pretty brief and tame but from her experience jogging there she says show she is been yelled at more times than she can count and also been flashed by three different men. >> i really appreciate that we did this story just to let it be known, hey, you know what, just good job or nothing. >> so when things like that happen do you report them or do you just want to get out of there? >> the flashing i did end up
4:17 pm
reporting. one of the guys i waited at the trailhead and wrote down his license plate and had him arrested. >> world saey says the rest of time just keep running. >> an investigation by the world anti-doping agency says russia corrupted the 2012 and 2014 olympics on an unprecedented scale. >> the agency says russia with government support orchestrated a doping program that involved or benefited 1,000 athletes in 30 sports. >> for years, the international sports competitions have not only been hijacked by the russians, coaches and athletes have been playing on an uneven field, and it's time that stops. >> investigators say urine samples provided by two female hockey players contained male down. a the sorority a follow-up to one last summer that resulted in dozens of athletes being barred from the rio olympics last summer. >> we're now learning details of
4:18 pm
the land deal being put forward to try to keep raiders in oakland. the term sheet lays out funding for a $1.3 billion stadium on the coliseum property. here are some of the highlights. $200 million from the lott group and 500 million from the nfl and raiders 257bd hundred million in infrastructure improvements that would be funded by revenue bonds, and it also sets aside land for an a's stadium if needed. city councilman larry reed says the deal is the best city and county i've ever put together to keep the raiders together and an adviser agrees. >> the nfl has wanted to see that the city of oakland has the will and the initiative to complete big projects, and that's what it's seeing. that's what's to be celebrated and more important to do it without placing a burden on the taxpayer. >> a city council and the alameda county board of supervisors will vote on the term sheet tuesday f.approved it
4:19 pm
will then be presented to nfl meetings the next day. the raid hers no comment. paris is called the city of light but right now it's the city of rats and a lot of them. take a look. as you can see the rats come out during daylight hours looking for food. signs have gone up urging people not to feed the rats and many rats, they they aren't following for the poisonous bait left inside traps and they are thriving on litter, yeah, trash. the city has closed five parks and has banned the public from an area near the eiffel tower. >> people like to fish and people like to eat fish but the world wide life federation is warning all of of this could come to an en. the federation reports that there could be no fish by the year 2040. i'm going say that again. >> oh, wow. no more fish left in 32 years. reasons include a declining fish population, a global fishing fleet that's three times larger than what the oceans can sustain and the wwf also blamed some
4:20 pm
sushi chefs who continue to demand delicacies like bluefin tuna which is already an endangered species. >> well, despite our cold snap this week, it was a very warm at um in the bay area. federal officials say november was the second warmest on record and autumn was the toastiest ever. the average fall temperature was 57.6 degrees, four degrees above average. quite a bit. november temperatures were more than six degrees above average. >> yeah. >> it was. >> it's getting hotter and we're running out of fish. >> how am i going to survive? >> spencer christian. >> yeah. >> is there a bright spot in any of this? >> well, maybe in the weather, but not in the forecast. let's take a live look at doppler 7 hd and you can see we have mainly dry conditions right now and clouds are looking a bit threatening out there and we have another storm on wait and at at the moment it's not range around the bay area, this is our view from the sutro tower camera
4:21 pm
and mostly cloudy skies as we look out over san francisco and it's currently, hop on in there, there you go. 61 degrees in the city and 63 in oakland and mid-60s at mountview and san jose. take a look at the south beach cram in downtown san francisco looking east ward across the bay. 60 up at napa and 59 at novato and 58 fairfield and 62 at livermore and one more view at the golden gate where it's mostly cloudy with a few breaks of blue showing over the golden gate. our forecast features, downpours who arrive early tomorrow morning. showers will taper saturday night and sunday will be dry but a bit cool and brisk. now here's a look at our morning lows under rainy conditions. we'll see lows dropping only to the mid to upper 50s. relatively mild and here's the storm impact scale which we use to range the school of each approaching storm and the storm moving in over night and ranks two on the impact scale and a storm of moderate intensity which will produce occasionally heavy downpours and giving way to lighter rain and the could
4:22 pm
see a quarter of an inch of rain and could see one to three inches of rain from the storm. forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening by about 3:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see showers over areas south and east of the golden gate and up in the north bay downpours will be developing. they will swing southward to the central part of the bay area by 7:00 a.m. and continue their southward movement into the mid-morning hours and finally breaking newspaper showers later in the hour hand in the evening tomorrow we'll see drier conditions and just a few clouds lingering and the rainfall will be over. we're projecting rainfall totals around a third of an inch and over an inch at oakland, hayward and san francisco. it's going to be a wet pattern for us. tomorrow's highs still stuck in the overnight lows. tomorrow's highs will be mainly in the low to mid-60s. we'll see upper 50s on the coast and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after tomorrow's storm of moderate intensity we've got sunny breaks on sunday but clouds will increase on monday
4:23 pm
two more rainy days coming our way on tuesday and wednesday and storms both of those days ranking only 1 on the storm impact scale, and there's another chance of rain at the end of next week. >> all right. thanks, spernncer. >> a big fame is out of the trump cabinet search while the president-elect seems to backtrack on a xin pledge. >> plus a man goes overboard on purpose to help with a wet and wild rescue.
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a california coast guard diver saved the day for a group of whales. >> take a look at video they provided just off the shore in the mediterranean sea last saturday. experts say the four creatures appear to be beekd whales.
4:26 pm
>> the divers pulled the whales to savor after they ran into trouble in shallow waters and we're told that rescue operation lasted several hours the. a rocket is headed into space to clean up junk. japan's konotori which means stark in japanese successfully launched today. the unmanned vessel is caring a space junk collector that will put out -- pull out old satellites and pieces of rocket that could pose a threat to future space exploration. scientists estimate there are more than 100 million pieces of junk in orbit. the rocket will then deliver batteries and drink water to the international space station. the first commercial two-seater solar plane in history was unveiled in switzerland. it's called solar stratus, and it's just 28 feet long. now this plane is designed to reach an altitude of 82,000 feet. its pock pit though will be
4:27 pm
enbrush you'e unpressurized so they will have to wear a spacesuit. there's a launch date of 2018. >> for a video that stun the courtroom in the south carolina church shooting trial. >> and a winter storm batters the midwest with more bad weather on the way. plus -- >> why give a gift off the shelf when you can make one that's one of a kind? i'm
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here's what's making headlines at 4:30. today we learned the names of the final five of the 36 victims who were killed in last week's fire at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. jonathan personbalm was a video jockey and was 34 years old and lived in berkeley. nicholas wallrath grew up in pittsburgh, pennsylvania and lived in oakland and was a judicial law clerk and barrett clark lived in oakland and was a sound engineer and was 35. 38-year-old peter wadsworth worked as an independent consultant and lived in oakland and michelle sylvain also lived in observing land, dating wolfgang renner, the oldest victim that have fire. public safety experts and artist have teamed up to produce a safety video for the artist community in oakland after the fire. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas will have that story coming up at 5:00 and also at 5:00 news reporter cornell bernard shows
4:31 pm
us how salesforce ceo mark benioff is working with san francisco to try to end homelessness. in the transition to donald trump's presidency there was a major announcement today about rudy giuliani as the president-elect continues on his thank-you tour. here's abc 7 news report aerolana zach. >> reporter: plex's thank-you tour continues with trips to michigan and louisiana. the senate seat there still up for grabs in a runoff election. >> tomorrow we need you to go to the polls and send john kennedy to the united states senate, and that's why i'm down here. >> reporter: mr. trump renewing a campaign pledge to build a wall on the southern border with mexico. >> we're going to build a wall. well, if john's not there, maybe we can't build the wall so now i know you'll come out. >> reporter: before the president-elect left trum tower he met with the man who may be his most powerful legislative ally, speaker of the house paul ryan. >> we had a great meeting to talk about our transition. we're very excited about getting to work and hitting the ground
4:32 pm
running in 2017 to put this country back on track. >> reporter: and a major announcement for the transition team. former new york mayor rudy giuliani has, quote, removed himself from consideration for a post in the trump administration. they say he will continue as a vice chair of the transition team. meanwhile at the white house, the current president has requested a review of hacks related to the last election. >> the president earlier this week instructed the intelligence community to conduct a full review of the pattern of malicious cyber activity related to our presidential election cycle. >> reporter: white house believes that this report will be completed before president obama leaves office and they also say this is a wider-ranging report than the last election reminding news 2008 mccain and obama were hacked by chinese operatives. lana zach, abc news, washington. prosecutors in the south carolina church mass shooting trial revealed the video of dylann roof at the ame church
4:33 pm
shows him arriving with a bag strapped around his waist and another clip shows roof leaving. at first you see him peering out from behind the door and backing out with the weapon in his hand. prosecutors also released and audio recording what have they say is roof's confession. he can be heard say, quote, i went to that church in charleston and i did it. and then he laughed. a yoga instructor agreed to go to hawaii to face murder charges in the death of her twin sister. alexandria duval has been in jail in albany, no, since being arrested hon new charges in the death of her twin anastasia. police believe she drove an suv off a cliff in order to killance stacia. a grand jury indicted alexandria last month after a hawaiian judge dropped charges against her. >> she's frustrated by the fact that it was dismissed once for lack of probable cause and he and i are unaware of any new national would have caused them
4:34 pm
to indict her. >> witnesses claim they saw the two women fighting moments before their suv plunged from a roadway in may. widespread snow and low temperatures are blamed for major pileups in several states clawing 40-car pile-up in michigan that killed three people. they are heading west and the arctic cold is moving east. elizabeth hur is in new york with more. >> massive crashes and lake-effect snow and winter whiteouts. >> this is the skating range and two more go in the ditch. >> reporter: in all 70 vehicles sliding into each other in erie, penalty pens. >> a 50-car pile-up in lake county, ohio and this chain reaction crash in lancing, michigan, where three people died. >> it was very chaotic. >> reporter: a busy day and night for first responders after the blinding snow caught so many drivers off guard. the storms fueled by the bitter cold blast moving over the woman
4:35 pm
great lakes. >> look tat it spin. >> reporter: so powerful it even created this water spout over lake erie. snow also hitting out west in portland and seattle and now the cleanup while the midwest and the northeast braced for more snow. >> i was thrilled. we have been waiting, so i was thrilled. i do not like the snow. i should find a new job. >> reporter: in addition to more snow this weekend, forecasters say it is going to get much colder next week with windchills of 20 below zero in chicago and near zero here in new york city. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> looks brutal. coming up at 4:00, why white supremacists are calling for a boycott of the new "star wars" movie. >> plus -- >> it was really hard. i was the -- i was pretty upset last night. >> a grinch targeted dozens of families but this stolen gift story actually has a happy ending. >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead so i'm
4:36 pm
still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post twhem a hashtag ask finney and i'll answer the them right here in just a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian from our tower camera and we'll see lots of clouds gehrig over the area sky and i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> and taking a live look at our golden gate bridge traffic where it seems to be flowing nicely on both sides and southbound traffic may be a little heavier on the left-hand side. stay with us. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens. who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show. same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best.
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police in maryland caught two people called grinches accused of stealing packages from people's doorsteps. can you see howard county officers sorting through boxes seized inside a van and officers then spend hours delivering pack action to their rightful owners and one of them received a message of thanks from a 7-year-old girl. >> thank you for getting our packages back from the putnam family. >> it was mostly christmas prerngts especially one box was for her so that was really hard, and the other one that was really important to the whole family were photo calendars that we had made. >> police believe the thieves hit two dozen homes and stole nearly 80 packages. police credited a neighbor who called them after seeing something suspicious. >> this weekend is santacon. the annual event is usually two days but because rain is expected tomorrow the organize verse moved it to just sunday
4:40 pm
this year so don't go out tomorrow in your costume and get drenched and expect to see lots of people dressed up as the jolly one in union square and the mission and marina and this event started out as a way to raise money in the holidays and now it's just an excuse to dress up like santa and drink. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> live doppler 7 and quiet weather conditions now and you can see by the green up there, we have a storm on the way and arriving in the overnight hours and here's what you can expect on saturday. morning downpours and quite heavy at times and scattered showers for most of the afternoon and dry conditions tomorrow night. the approaching storm ranks two on the storm impact scale and storm of moderate intensity and high temperatures mainly in the low 60s in the bay and inland upper 60s for the most part on the coast and on sunday here's your sunday planner. we'll have mainly sunny skies and a few clouds will linger and it will be a pretty nice day and dry for sure and we have big
4:41 pm
game down at levi stadium sunday afternoon and kickoff the 49ers hosting the new york jets and kickoff is 1:05 at gametime sunny and a temperature of 58 degrees dropping to about 5 had in the fourth quarter. it will be a game in search of a winner an here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after sunny bribes on sunday, chance of a storm on tuesday followed by another similar ranking storm on wednesday and dry conditions next thursday. >> a big gain, spencer. >> so big. >> thank you, spencer. >> huge. >> still ahead on "abc 7 news at 4:00," what people think of a new appropriate shall that will would let you chat on your phone at 36,000 feet. >> plus, a fight over the field of dreams could be coming to an edge. changing the sight made famous by the 1987 blockbuster. can your boink close out your
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okay. are you ready for in? a new proposal means airline passengers could soon be allowed to make phone calls while flying. >> oh, no. >> how do you feel about that? >> right now it's just a proposal. on twitter we asked you what you think of the proposal. hundreds of people have voted and right now the no votes have a large lead. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings hit the streets to find out why people would be so opposed to it. >> people certainly had strong opinions on this one. i hit the streets of san francisco to find out what people thought. >> i would rather not listen to somebody else's conversation. >> why not? >> because it's none of my business. i don't want to know about their grandkids. >> distracting and just be mayhem if anyone is doing it. >> it's nice to have an
4:46 pm
sanctuary. >> if it's an emergency phone call, then, yeah, i could understand, but to have many conversations in a four-hour fly that could be make it an -- >> the department of transportation will allow each airline to decide on their owns if they will allow the the passengers they had to bought the ticket. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> i'd rather fly in the cargo hold. >> digital entertainment wednesday ice are going willing calling for the nth sparse sparse movie. it's reported neo-nazis became upset after one. writers took a jab at president-elect trump and the film that opens before it it nth white because it is features a female lead and a supporting
4:47 pm
comfort that's multi-cultural. "star wars" produced by lucas films owned by the walt disney company which also owns abc 7. the property showcased in the movie "field of dream," iowa supreme court gave an investment group to develop that site into a $20 million youth baseball field complex called all-star ballpark heaven. local groups in dirsville, iowa, have fought those plans. they hoped to preserve the site as it appears in the 1989 hit movie that starred kevin costner. spartacus is now a centenarian. legendry actor kirk douglas turned 100 years old today. douglas is probably best known for playing the title role in the 1960 classic "spartacus" and was nominated for a best actor oscar three times and received an an honorary academy award in 1996. his son actor michael douglas recently paid tribute to his dad an icon, a legend and, quote,
4:48 pm
true movie star from an era when movie stars were looked upon as our version of royalty. >> a star in this era time for ask finney. >> royalty. >> he said it. >> yes. >> king michael is here to answer your questions sent in via facebook, twitter and e-mail. anna from vallejo asks what rights do you have when your bank puts about your account in the minus and closes them? what can you do to correct the wrong? >> oh, no. banks really have a lot of leeway on this thing. if they think they are being rippled off and they are allowed to freeze an account so we've got to freeze that out. this is going to be very, very complicated. here's what i want you to do. gather up all your paperwork and call my hotline. you know the number, 4015-the 54-8151 or go online because we're going to end up asking you for those documents anyway. so what you want to do is go online and write us a note and well we'll get ahold of this and sort through this. assuming you've done nothing
4:49 pm
wrong and we'll talk to them and cut through the red tape and get to a decision-maker. >> that's good. >> why does take so long for your benefits and paperwork to go through for state sghablt. >> worried about ripoffs. if you turn everything in and there's not a problem you should allow 14 days from the day they receive not the day you sent, the day they receive your disability request. it will take okay you'll get the certificate and there's a lot of questions and a lot of back and forth and that's where there's normally a problem. i'll post the information on our website that kind of explains more that have. >> next question from ronald who asks we combined our cable and phone bills as a bundle in january but the company hasn't bundled the accounts. we get two separate bills with notices and the amount we pay is doubled. the they bungled the bundle.
4:50 pm
>> that is not good. >> you know, just went in wrong in their computer. here's what i want you to do. one time, ronald, i want you to call your service provider, explain the problem and ask them to fix it and give you a refund for those double payments. if they give you any give or they won't fix, it then i want you to call my hotline again or write us. go to our website, and we'll take it from there. really, again, we can cut through the red tape and give it one more shot. >> again, just in case people didn't have a pen to write it down. how do they get ahold of you? >> right there is the telephone number, 415-9594-8151 and go on the facebook page and leave it there although it's really better to give us a call or go through our web page. >> perfect. thank, michael. >> sure. in today's wellness report many american kids get unneeded medical services. >> and e-cigarette use by young people is being called a major public health threat. jane king has more. >> at least one in ten children received unnecessary medical
4:51 pm
services in 2014 potentially putting them in harm and costing families memberions of dollars. the university of chicago survey found many of the unneeded services included antibiotics and cough and cold medicines and acid blockers. regulations on electronic cigarettes may be too little too late and the use of tobacco products use has skyrocketed among younger consumers and the surgeon general suggests tougher regulations on e-cigarettes and vapes. life expectancy in the u.s. has dropped since the first time since 1993 and experts can't explain why. babies born in 2015 should plan to live for 78.8 years or a tenth of a year less this a child born in 2014. that's according to a survey conducted by the national center for health statistics. the leading causes of death increased in 20 is a. when it comes to saving for health care costs in retirement women need to set aside more. about 20% more on average to cover their medical bills in the final years of their lives.
4:52 pm
the "wall street journal" reports on a study by health services that says the reason is simple. women live longer thank men on average and the additional years can cost $35,000 more. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. all right. aches 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next, how to get hands on with your gifts this holiday season. right now dan is here with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. larry, ama, thanks very much. coming up next, nationwide crackdown. see the ripple effect from the oakland warehouse fire, plus putting tech money to work. the salesforce executive tackling a problem exas baited -- exacerbated by in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are,
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offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. here's a look at primetime on abc 7. new episodes of "last man standing" and why the dr. ken" and then at 9:00 a new episode
4:56 pm
of "shark tank" and at 10:00 "20/20" looks at new evidence in a murder case that supports the suspect's claim is innocent. and then join us for the news at 11. the holiday spirit was even more festive around san francisco's union square. >> everybody heard the familiar sound bells ringing as the salvation army held its annual red death will event. miss california was there asking for donations. >> and so were mike nico and alexis smith from abc 7 mornings. the salvation army expects to raise more than $1 is million for its programs this holiday season. >> the money you give in a christmas kettle helps to give a meal to a child to give housing to a family or visits a senior or after school care. >> and abc 7 traffic reporter sue hall and former reporter don sanchez also took part. this is how the salvation army is still look for volunteer bell ringers. can you also donate online. >> i miss dawn sanchez.
4:57 pm
wish he would unretire and come back to work. >> holiday hopping is in full swing but in one shop you don't buy your gifts, you make them. >> abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has had a look inside. >> reporter: here on union street holiday presents are taking shape. >> we can lightly sketch out that curve here. >> reporter: within minutes these will be hats and scarves, no sewing required. >> who are you going to make this for? >> for myself, but if it looks real good i might give to like my friend or maybe my sister. >> everyone loves a gift that is made. it is so much more meaningful. >> reporter: that's why brit opened up the holiday house and she puts on the annual remake conference. >> you can come in here for literally five minutes and leave with a great gift for a friend or family member. >> reporter: thanks like sponsors like method hand soap everything is clean. >> this is a really fun one an it's super easy. >>reporter: this one is on foil printing. even the decor is--it-yourself.
4:58 pm
>> we have mops that we've spray painted. >> ant laser cut lettering who cut his way out of homelessness a couple years ago. >> i realize the i was the only woman in the tech shop when i was there in the early days and i wanted to change that. >> reporter: and that inspired her special recipe for craft products. >> all the projects have something in common. all designed not to intimidate because the most important ingredient in any craft is confidence. >> the confidence is half the battle and if you can get them to succeed the first time around they trial again. >> everything thanks less than half han hour with simple instructions and never a needle and thread. >> for gift to melt a best friend's heart. she moved to l.a. a couple years ago but her heart will always be here. >> that's good stuff. >> it is. >> thank you for joining us for
4:59 pm
"abc 7 news at 4:00." i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. "abc 7 news at 5:00" is starting right now. >> we're getting our first look inside the warehouse gutted in the fire and what atf agents are focusing in on as a possible cause. >> lights, fire and action. after the oakland tragedy to you friends come together to help save lives. >> and one of san francisco's main water pipes gives up unleashing a watery mess and people's tempers as they try to navigate around it. >> reporter: and a billionaire puts his money where his mouth is. the millions he's hoping to raise to try to solve one of the bay area's biggest problems. >> one week ago today, 36 people died in the tragedy at the ghost ship warehouse. tonight the atf is ruling out one cause of that fire. good evening. i'm kristein sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. let's go right to abc 7 news
5:00 pm
reporter leslie brinkley live at the ghost ship tonight. leslie? >> reporter: dan, can i tell you a vij sill about to get under way here. there have been people coming by all day, just standing here close to the building behind me and the warehouse gazing at it trying to contemplate the enormity of this fire and warehouse and all the people who lost their lives here. atf finally comment on a refrigerator we've heard about all week, that refrigerator possibly causing this fire. they said, no, it did not. there are electrical engineering that texted it out looking at other possible alternate triggers. outlet, power cords, anything that could be a possible source of ignition that would be in that area. >> reporter: you can peer inside the garage door-size the opening and see the skeleton of a flight of stairs filled with a tangle of charred deboro and at the base there's a massive elaborate wood


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